The Maestro Language

I have heard the rumors about a new language from Microsoft called Maestro. It will be for use with the .Net platform. This language will be specialized for parallel programming. The goal is to make it easy for programming to do parallel processing without spending much time on that aspect.

Components in Maestro will be isolated from each other. Therefore a large part of the language will deal with message passing. The language will have access to all of the .Net framework. However it won't be meant as a stand alone language. Instead it will be used in tandem with other .Net languages.

Maestro is still in the early phases of development at Microsoft. You will not hear a lot about it for a while. Doctor Dobb's did an article on it. Or at least they interviewed a guy from Microsoft about Maestro. Some have determined that Maestro looks a lot like the Erlang programming language. The Maestro development team begs to differ.