Mono Tools

Mono is an implementation of Microsoft .NET for Linux. To be exact it implements C# and the Common Language Runtime (CLR). These implementations are compatible with .NET. A new add-on to Visual Studio 2008 called Mono Tools has now been released. It allows a developer to target Mono apps for the SUSE Linux distribution. It falls into the broad category of cross platform development tools.

Mono Tools are available at different price points. An individual license costs $99. It is good for a single person. The enterprise license costs $245. It allows one person in your organization to use the product. However the license can be transferred between developers in your organization. Finally there is a five seat developer license goes for $2499.

There are plans to enhance Mono Tools to target other Linux distributions. Here is a tip if you decide to buy a copy of Mono Tools: You need to close Visual Studio before you start the Mono Tools install. Enjoy all you Linux .NET folks.